Saturday, April 24, 2010

Guardians of the Free Republics, Restore America Plan Update

For those of you that have seen my videos online and have followed my work, you know I am a research nut.

Prior to the "delivery to the governors" the "letters" from the Guardians of the Free Republics (on or about April 1, 2010) I was aware of the "Restore America Plan". Someone had sent me a link to their website, which I reviewed.

Frankly, I thought it to be just another bunch of "patriots" with lots of paper trying to stop the criminals in "our" government. All the "secrecy" annoyed me. After the mainline media reported on the Guardians of the Free Republics, I thought, "How strange, mainline media never reports on these kinds of things."

So I had to step outside of "my box" and evaluate what was happening in relationship to the things I know, or at least the things I think I know.

I have done EXTENSIVE research in particular matters that involve "our" government and the Grand Jury.

I also have been doing additional researching of the Guardians of the Free Republics (GOFR) and the Restore America Plan (RAP).

From this perspective, I make this observation:

1. The United States Supreme Court (USSC) was/is involved with RAP.
2. The military is involved with RAP (proven my the Provost Marshals that served the papers upon the governors of the 50 states).
3. Large organizations flood the government with "petitions for redress", "Articles of Freedom", etc...many demanding a public official "step down" and that never hits "mainstream media". The fact that some pieces of paper given to the governors by RAP hit the major media is telling, in and of itself.
4. The USSC cannot "see or hear" someone just coming and complaining to them. There is a process necessary for a lawful petition. (I believe this lawful petition was accomplished. I also believe at least one Justice of the USSC helped in drafting the petition...that is my GUT feeling.)
5. The executive branch has the authority to gather a Grand Jury "open venure"...go out and get people for the Grand Jury, when the (court) system is corrupt and not allowing people to bring evidence of corruption before the Grand Jury. (Wild v. Otis is an interesting case to read as to the right to access the Grand Jury)
6. Grand Jury investigations are REQUIRED BY LAW to be secret.
7. The RAP Grand Juries HAVE BEEN "rounded up by the executive branch and seated". This is lawful and has happened.
8. The "documents to the governors" were necessary to re-establish the DE JURE (for the people) government. Once this was accomplished, the executive branch (military) had jurisdiction to "round up" those qualified to sit on the de jure Grand Juries.
9. The reason we are "hearing nothing" and "everything is secret" is because Grand Jury investigations are required BY LAW to be secret.
10. Once indictments come down from the Grand Juries, THEN the USSC can "hear and see" the people.
11. I am a subscriber to "Jurist Newsletter". This newsletter covers what is happening around the world in the different courts. Earlier this week the USSC made two important decisions that indicate the USSC is no longer "under the corporate government". Then on Thursday and Friday, there was NOTHING reported ... no decisions in the US Court of Appeals or the USSC. This is very odd.
12. The Grand Jury can, by law, appoint its OWN prosecutor.
13. When the people learn the truth, as how we have been used as collateral for the elite to amass nearly all the wealth of this country (and the world) there is a real potential of riots.
14. IMO it is because of this potential of violence that the FBI released the story of the letters to mainstream media. And look at the comment by the FBI (paraphrased) "GOFR are not violent, but it is feared someone else may be violent."
15. The "bad guys" have the weapons to destroy this entire world. Getting to and securing those weapons is a primary concern to ensure the Republics are free.
16. The pop guns used by citizen militias are no match to the weapons "they" have that can and have been used against us. I was a TV reporter at the 2008 RNC and personally know what it is like to be attacked by our "government forces".
17. If RAP fails, we do NOT have the means to defend ourselves against the advanced weapons controlled by "our" government.
18. If RAP fails, it will be "emergency time" for the scientists to put their heads together and figure out some way to defend against the advanced weapons.

I understand the need for secrecy, as I understand the law that governs the Grand Jury.

My HOPE is the indictments that will be brought by the De Jure Grand Juries will be enforced by the executive (military) and the judiciary.

My HOPE is that the (now free) Republics are "backed by gold"...remember what happened in the Revolutionary War?

My HOPE is that the scientists will not need to be called upon, as our last defense.

Nancy Lazaryan

P.S. In my own experiences and with others, I have found "our" government has no fear of the people that created the government. The constitutions that the people created and that are supposed to be used to restrain "our" government are repeatedly and routinely ignored by those "in office". Everyday people are so involved with just making ends meet, they cannot see how we have all become slaves. Everyday people FEAR the government, a government that no longer serves the people. WHY IS THAT? Maybe, just maybe, the Guardians of the Free Republics and the Restore America Plan are correct.


madmike5151 said...

Sure would like to know, from what cloud you got your information from, cause I'm up here and haven't heard of you and haven't seen you! Are you a Grand Juror yourself? If not, keep your contrived crap to yourself, because I know you speak bull.

reverendess said...

Hey Mike! You are up where? You used "from" twice in the same sentence.... Relax. Settle down here now. Take a deep breath and get a grip. Everything is going to be alright. Chill, man.

Nancy Lazaryan said...

I did not get my information from a cloud. I researched the "official" reports from the Guardians of the Free Republics and the radio shows of Sam Kennedy and Tim Turner (who are leaders in the GOFR).

Then I spent days gleaning information from "verified legal sources, websites," Looking for indications of change from corporate governments to Republics.

I do not understand what you mean by "I'm up here and haven't seen you."

Where is "up here"?

I am a news reporter. If you do a web search on my name, Nancy Lazaryan you can see my work, including a free online seminar, "Foundations".

I am NOT a "Grand Juror", however I have spent YEARS researching the ins and outs of the Grand Jury.

It was the assertion of the GOFR that they would be creating "de jure Grand Juries" that actually annoyed me.

Until I understood the involvement of the executive branch (military). The executive branch, (by the authority of the sheriff in a county) HAS the power and DUTY to "go get" members to serve on a Grand Jury. This is known as open venure.

Mike, I understand you are mad.
Why attack me? I made a thoughtful evaluation of the claims made by the GOFR and shared my observations.

judgeAmerica said...

I note that you describe yourself as a "reporter" and not a "Journalist"!

The court aspect of your "reporting" is interesting, although you failed to provide any in-depth information as to the parties, subject or these alleged unusual decisions. I will have to look into that as well.

To quote your own words - "this "Restore America Plan" is legitimate, WE will have a LOT of work to do getting the people up to speed on HOW to (finally) live as the free people of the Republic."



My question to you is - Who is going to bring you and the other knuckleheads involved in or hanging-on to the RAP/TRAP, up to speed, as to reality?

You people are incompetent!

By: david clarence: Expressly Reserving All Liberties.

Nancy Lazaryan said...


Under the First Amendment we are ALL members of the press. We see or hear something and then we report.

You misquoted me...from a DIFFERENT blog.

I said,
IF this "Restore America Plan" is legitimate, WE will have a LOT of work to do getting the people up to speed on HOW to (finally) live as the free people of the Republic.

Here is the link to that comment on the other blog:

Apparently you are unable to read.
And that is your choice.

madmike5151 said...

Interesting a reporter, one who reports factual truths or just her determination of truths after reading all the dribble out there. The word lawful instead of legitimate would be a more qualified usage. Punctuation? Gees what else do you grab onto? If you listened to all of the TAKE NO PRISONERS radio broadcasts, you would know and understand that a De Jure Grand Jury, is not, and does not function in the same manner the defacto Grand Jury does. Research a bit more, you can do it, and if I come off seeming a bit overwhelming at times, that's just the Italian in me. PEACE

Nancy Lazaryan said...


I agree, is the Restore America Plan lawful is a more appropriate question. See my post from today.

We all evaluate things from our own particular paradigm.

My statements on this blog are my own "reporting" of my observations from my paradigm.

Perhaps I need to restate: I am reporting on what I have observed, from the perspective of how "I have been programmed". And I invite you and everyone else to discussion.

Absent reasoning, we can never become WHO we are.