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What is law? What is freedom?

In my hunting around attempting to educate myself I came upon some information:

The United States Isn't a Country
— It's a Corporation!

The same website has a more recent article (Feb 2010):
Historical background — the Establishment of Capitalist Supremacy

These articles are well written and not full of the "emotional screaming" found all over the web.

Let us say, for the sake of discussion, that the information contained in these articles is correct.

What are the solutions we can work towards?

Many will say, "Humble yourself and pray."
And, "Jesus is Lord."

Which then raises the issue of religion being used, hand in hand, to politically manage the population.

I have read the Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as the "original" documents written by "major religions". It is fascinating how ALL of these documents speak of the individual's relationship with the "Sovereign" Creator, warning of any intrusion by "man" into that relationship.

And it is interesting how ALL of these teachings have morphed into "man controlled religions", and ALL of the original documents have been altered by man, including the "Holy Bible".

One theme that is taught throughout these "original" documents is that of a struggle for the "minds of men", a struggle against a system devised to keep the people blind.

Another theme is "You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free." .....What is "Truth"? ......What is "free"?

The above linked articles are interesting, as they speak to the mechanics of a system that has been devised to keep us blind.

If we agree that there is a "Sovereign Creator", then we must also agree that the universe, Earth and all of us were created with an INTENT.

This mechanism of global domination of the people is old news, having been repeated over and over.


Why would the Creator set in place what could potentially destroy this entire planet?

Some of the most thought provoking documents I read include the "Gospel of the Holy Twelve" and the "Gospel of Peace to the Essenes". Reference is made in those documents of Yeshua at the "Last Supper" discussing the "transmutation" of the human form. The "crucifixion" was to demonstrate this transmutation, and Yeshua illustrated transmutation by describing how bread and wine transmutates into flesh and blood.

In these and other ancient documents is reported that Yeshua, as well as many, many others "transmutated".

Yeshua also warned, "Beware of others that come after me that will say I am God, I am but the son of man."

We can look at the mechanics of the system that is currently consuming the energies of the people.
We can say how horrible this is.
We can "pray", but do we even know "who" we are "praying to"?

History is now repeating itself.
Once again, the masses are poised to be completely consumed by an elite few.
Religion has taught us to "forgive" and to "pray".

Unless we step back and objectively evaluate the "creation" and not just the mechanics of "what is happening" we are doomed to repeat the past.

Consider the "Strawman" argument. We know about the "government" attempting to turn us into artificial entities so that they can lay claim upon our energy.

Yet, at birth, by virtue of being given a NAME, you were claimed by "the system".

WHO are you?
I am commonly known as Nancy Lazaryan.
But that is NOT whom I am.

We are told about being placed upon this Earth as "stewards".
We are told there is "good and evil".
We are told we are to "battle against evil".

Yeshua spoke about the fallacies of "scriptures", directing people to study the creation so that they would understand the Creator.

This Earth, this creation has nothing to do with "good and evil".
The actions of men need to be defined as "lawful and unlawful".

What is lawful? What is unlawful?
Lawful is that which preserves the creation (stewardship).
Unlawful is that which destroy the creation (shown by consumption based upon greed)

The "Golden Rule" is found throughout the original ancient religious documents. Basically:

Honor and acknowledgment of a Creator of the universe.
Sagacious communication (reasoning with that Creator).
Sagacious communication with each other.

IMO once we UNDERSTAND and OPERATE lawfully, we will bring in what Christians describe as the "Kingdom of Heaven".

It is from this perspective, my paradigm that I evaluate the Restore America Plan and the Guardians of the Free Republics.

RAP is presented to the masses as a mechanism to expose and "correct" the "system of man". The people are thirsty for "freedom".

However, are the people prepared to act LAWFULLY.

Thomas Jefferson was criticized for being a slave owner. In one of his letters which I read, he admits to slavery being wrong, but that the slaves needed to be educated in HOW to be a citizen, before they became citizens. Jefferson educated all of "his slaves".

IMO this country was established upon the principles of the TRUE original "Christian" church, the Essenes (who were called "Yahoos" for the first three hundred years "A.D.") It was a beginning point, a proclamation. However we failed to complete the work.

We have all been slaves, especially since the Civil War and the 14th Amendment.

We do not know WHO WE ARE.

And because we get caught into the "sound bites" and manipulated by emotions...we are blind.

Unless we CHOOSE to take the veils from our own eyes and CHOOSE to become WHO WE ARE....

History will repeat itself.

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