Ms. Brown,

It is my understanding that you are the Responsible Authority under MN Chap.13 for data requests for the office of the Governor.

Please verify this with the published document required of the Governor's office to specify the Responsible Authority and proper designees under MN Chap 13.

If you are the Responsible Authority, then I am making this demand for data:

To view the any and all papers that were served upon the office of the Minnesota Governor on or about March 30, 2010 to April 1, 2010. Including but not limited to papers that were from an organization known as "Guardians of the Free Republics"

Although I am not required under the law to explain WHY I would like to view these papers, I will communicate these point to you:

1. The Governor sits in an office created by the People.
2. Communications to that office are PUBLIC.
3. National media confirmed the delivery of the papers from the "Guardians of the Free Republics".
4. Official report from the FBI was that said papers did not contain threats of violence.
5. As it has already been reported by the FBI that there were no threats of violence, there is no basis to claim the papers cannot be released as a matter of public safety (or national security).
6. I have been informed by a staff member at the Governor' office that the papers were turned over to the FBI.

Please answer these questions:

A. As this was a matter of the Governor of the STATE being given papers, under what authority of law does the FBI, a federal agency, now investigate?

B. Organizations serve papers on the Governor all the time. Is it a policy of the Governor to give all papers that are served upon the office of the Governor to the FBI?

C. If the answer to the above question is no, then why were the papers from the "Guardians of the Free Republics" given to the FBI?

D. If the answer to the above question is yes, under what authority of law does the Governor of the state of Minnesota involve a federal agency (ie. FBI) in matters concerning the citizens of the state petitioning the office of the Governor?

E. I am a member of the media. My sources have told me the papers contained a "gag order". If this is correct, under what authority of law was the "gag order" issued?

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Nancy Lazaryan